The Audio Guys Are 9 Years Old!

The Audio Guys are 9 years old and are reflecting on how much the industry has changed. What will happen next as they approach their ten year mark?

The Assembly

Following on from their recent story about their work with nDreams and their Samsung Gear VR titles, TAG are excited to announce that they are now busy at work on nDreams' forthcoming title – The Assembly!

TAG working with nDreams on upcoming titles for Samsung Gear VR!

The Audio Guys are delighted to announce that we have recently started working with nDreams on their exciting VR projects!

Surgeon Simulator sales top two million

TAG are a humble bunch, and it never ceases to amaze them how successful some of their projects really are as Surgeon Simulator sales top two million.

The Audio Guys lost in Twisted Manor

TAG are very happy to finally announce that during the latter half of 2014 they were working hard on the sound design and ambience for a new game called “Twisted Manor”.

The Audio Guys / Oculus and the rise of Virtual Reality

TAG have been getting very intrigued and involved in the recent, new developments in Virtual Reality...

We’ve been doing the maths on Twelve a Dozen

TAG have been working with their friends at Bossa Studios on their recently announced game Twelve a Dozen. They provided all the sound design on the game.

Audio Outsource Company - Specialists in Audio for Games

You have found the website of The Audio Guys!

The Audio Guys are an audio outsource company, providing a complete audio solution to game developers and publishers.

With over 50 years combined experience in game audio development, we have well over 175 titles under our belts, covering all gaming formats and platforms. Our previous work has featured on many ‘AAA’ titles over the years, including Micro Machines, Brian Lara Cricket, TOCA Touring Cars, Colin McRae Rally, Operation Flashpoint, LMA Manager, TOCA Race Driver, Dirt, Grid, Sega Rally, Overlord, Sega Superstar Tennis and the Forza Motorsport series of titles. As well as full console titles, we are now experienced in the mobile formats, and have worked on a range of apps, facebook titles, Xbox Live & PSN games, as well as Steam games.

Recently, our work includes Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Nike + Kinect Training, NASCAR The Game Inside Line, Sonic Jump & Sonic Dash, Surgeon Simulator 2013 and Forza Motorsport 5 on Xbox One.

We are eager to team up with any developer, anywhere in the world, to offer whatever game audio services are required. We can provide…full audio system design and documentation…consultancy and advice…sound design…project management…planning and scheduling…dialogue and localisation services…specialist location recording…surround mixing…sourcing of music…the list goes on.

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