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Over the last year or so we’ve been working with cool new development team ‘On The Metal’ on their interesting new game for PS Vita – BigFest – a festival simulator game!


The game is a unique and funky take on building up and managing your own festival, with some really hilarious moments, you will get all sorts of bizarre and ‘tripped out’ characters arriving at the gate wanting to pay to get into your festival, as well as plenty of other ‘moochers’ trying to ‘jump the fence’ or behaving badly, which you will have to deal with. Here at TAG we worked on all the sound design in the game and also provided, arranged and processed all the character voices in the game. On The Metal are a really cool studio, with a great sense of humor and fun attitude to development.

BIGFEST Screenshot
BIGFEST Screenshot

Create awesome music festivals and choose who to put on stage from a HUGE global catalogue of ‘real-life’ unsigned artists. Pick your favourites and promote them in your online festivals, potentially breaking the next big unsigned band! Design, build and manage the ultimate music festival, from a small field with 20 guests slow clapping, all the way up to mega shows. Keep the crowd happy and your bank balance healthy by serving up great music, the best food and good facilities.

BIGFEST Screenshot

An interesting addition is that it’s possible to visit other players’ festivals. Once there, you can cause trouble, using unlocked items, or, in some cases pick up unique installations, which you can then place in your own grounds.

BIGFEST Screenshot

All the bands and acts that you choose to put on the stage are actually real artists and bands, taken from the Jamendo online music service, so you really can be breaking the next big thing at your own festival!  Bigfest is out now on PS Vita

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