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The Audio Guys are delighted to announce that we have played our small part in the new upcoming Driver game…”Driver : San Francisco” recently announced at E3.

Driver: San Francisco
Driver is a classic gaming brand, first appearing in the late 90’s. Over the last few years, the good guys and gals at Ubisoft Reflections have been hard at work on the new title in the Driver series – the first to appear on the new consoles.
TAG were very happy to provide, not engines this time, but collision effects.
Smashed up cars
Off we went to our local scrapyard, armed with our recording rig and the biggest sledgehammer we could find, and collision sounds were soon ringing out!
We bashed, smashed, crashed, banged, whacked, cracked and walloped for many hours, and the fruits of our labour can be heard in the new Driver title.Not only are there sounds created by our muscles alone…oh no…for those full on crashes, you really need to get some old cars and literally drop them from a great height for extra impact!
Junkyard recording
Junkyard recording

So…we ourselves join the long list of people who cannot wait to get a look at the new game. Keep an eye and ear out for it!

Driver: San Francisco Art