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It’s our pleasure to announce that one of the projects we have been quietly working away on recently is Naturalmotion’s latest game for the iPhone Icebreaker Hockey – developed by Digital Legends Entertainment and published by Naturalmotion Games.

This game is a new, fast paced, aggressive Ice Hockey styled game and is the next in the ‘breaker’ series of games on the iPhone.

Icebreaker Hockey

Here’s a snippet on the game from the NaturalMotion Games website:

“Icebreaker Hockey pulls out all the stops in high-end iOS gaming: smooth, life-like skating based on motion capture data from professional ice hockey players; crushing sidewall checks and takedowns powered by NaturalMotion’s endorphin simulation technology; advanced OpenGL ES 2.0 techniques (such as mirror ice reflections) for stunning graphics.”

Icebreaker Hockey Screenshot
Icebreaker Hockey Screenshot
Icebreaker Hockey Screenshot
Icebreaker Hockey Screenshot

The Audio Guys have been working very closely on the game with Digital Legends / NaturalMotion over the last few months, designing and creating all the sounds, commissioning the music and stings for the game and generally helping to get the game sounding very slick and punchy… even if we do say so ourselves.

For more info on Icebreaker, please visit:

There is also a behind the scenes BBC documentary on the game, specifically the motion capture sessions at an ice rink:

Icebreaker was released on 2nd June 2011 for iPhone and is now available in the App Store.