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Another game we have been secretly working away on here in the Audio lab for a while now is Plunder Pirates. Well, we did actually announce that we were working on this, with Midoki, when the announce trailer was released a few weeks ago. So, anyway, to get into a little more detail, this title is a really great game, loads of fun to play and some really nice gameplay touches. We’ve been beavering away at it for a few months now, getting the audio working sweet, making sure the sound design works well for the different types of gameplay, and generally getting all the audio balanced just right.

Plunder Pirates

The game is set in a traditional pirate world, with island settlements, pirate ships, collecting gold, drinking grog, big sea battles and even getting attacked by sea monsters when exploring! The game was fantastic fun to work on and the team at Midoki are a real creative bunch and they also really understand the audio development process, as they brought us in very early on the project to let us help shape the audio design for the game, they also gave us plenty of time to develop the audio and to iterate and tweak everything until everyone was happy. Also, most importantly, they developed some really cool tools for us to have ‘real-time’ audio control and tweaking, which helped enormously with the final sound.

Plunder Pirates Screenshot
Plunder Pirates Screenshot

Developed by Midoki, Plunder Pirates sees you washed ashore on a desert island, with your mighty galleon at the bottom of the sea. It’s up to you to get things shipshape again: build up your island, gather a fearsome crew of pirates, explore uncharted, monster filled waters and battle rival Captains!

Using Midoki’s own cutting edge 3D mobile game engine you can spin the camera 360 degrees to see every angle of your pirate island, laid out just how you want it. When you’re ready to hit the waves, head to the tavern to recruit a band of seafaring scoundrels – there are 10 to choose from, each with unique skills and traits.

That’s not all though – you can also create or join a Guild with your friends, chat with fellow Captains and enjoy exclusive Guild perks that boost your ruthlessness in battle.

It’s FREE to play – so get ready to Build, Battle and PLUNDER!

Plunder Pirates Screenshot

The Audio Guys provided all the sound for the game, with the music being provided by our trusted music partner Michiel Van Den Bos. Check out more details on the websites below:

PlunderPirates was developed by Midoki and is published by Rovio Stars.