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Polar Panic has been out for over half a year now. Here’s some feedback that we’ve had for our work in the game!

Polar Panic

Here’s a short collection of positive comments about the Puzzle and Word game we worked on late last year, Polar Panic:

“The sound is pleasant and indeed, it’s perhaps the most appealing element of Polar Panic… In this case, the music fits, the sound effects are crisp and clear, and there’s a nice balance between both aspects.” “Sound Rating: 7.5″  – Psxextreme

“Sound Rating: 8.0” - Xbox Live IGN, Gamer Limit, N4G & Hot Klix

“The sound effects for Polar Panic are very important and are nicely well done.”  – Game Chronicles

“The sound is well done with a good range of effects.”  – Gamers Daily News

“4/5 stars for Audio.” – LoadingReality

Polar Panic was developed by Eiconic Games Ltd, and published by Valcon Games LLC. Found out more about the game here: