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We recorded some great cars for Sega Rally.

One particularly nice (and rare) example, was Kevin Furber’s 205T16 rally car. So…the 205T16 in Sega Rally is ‘voiced’ by this beast!….

Kevin Furber’s 205T16 rally car

Every dyno session is different, and presents it’s own challenges.

As quickly became apparent with this one, the engine bay (in the hatch at the rear) gets hot. In fact, it gets really, really, bloody hot!

Check out the lovely glow of the manifold as the engine revs rise…and then the flames as the throttle is released! I was particularly happy NOT to be in the driver’s seat on this one, but did get rather concerned about our (very expensive) microphones…

Many thanks go to Kevin for letting us record the car…it sounded great.