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The Audio Guys were responsible for all of the sound effects and dialogue in the game, and also played a part in the direction and outsourcing of the music.

You can found out more about the game here…

Sega Rally Screenshot

With the original arcade game being such a classic, it was always going to be difficult to live up to, but the Sega Racing Studio has done a great job…and some kind reviewers made some comments on our contribution…

“The real deal with the sound is the actual car engines and the impact the car has on the track surfaces. It’s obvious the sound guys spent a lot of time getting those effects just right and I am pleased they did as it really adds to the overall experience.” – MSXBox World

“As far as sound effects are concerned, SRS have thought of every tiny little thing and integrated it perfectly. When you drive over some cobble-stones on one of the alpine tracks, for example, it’s exactly like the light rumbling sound that you hear in your own car (only accelerated considerably, as you’re driving about five times the speed that you’d normally traverse cobble-stones at). Other fine details include the crunching of snow under your tyres, the rattle of chain fences as you ricochet of them, the watery splashes of puddles… I could go on and on.” – TVG

“Even the smallest of details point to a developer that has a strong grasp of what constitutes a trademark Sega game. Pull over and turn down the excellent music and you’ll hear birds, elephants and the like making noises in the background, crowds cheering in the distance and helicopters buzzing overhead.” 360gamer

Sega Rally Screenshot

“…meaty engine sounds and effects that make good use of surround sound.” – IGN

“Its audio engine, for example, is so good, so rich, and so comprehensive that you really can’t help but notice it. Every surface you drive on generates a unique and oh-so-authentic effect, cobblestones and deep jungle ruts being particularly impressive. Everything of note that you pass — train crossings, flocks of birds, waterfalls, some dude with a camera, cows, elephants, trackside throngs — also produces its own distinctive sound. And as for your car and those of your competitors, let’s just say they’re perfect. From the engines to the tires to the sounds of frame and mechanical stress, Revo has it covered.”

“…the cars sound great.” –

“The environment sounds are great and going through a puddle sounds like water splashing, a tunnel and the sound changes, the animal noises, elephants, giraffes, e.t.c really sound like you are on safari.”–

“The sound effects are all spectacularly done and feature very intricate environmental sounds as well as engine sounds.” – Cheat Code Central

Sega Rally Screenshot

“The audio itself has a lot of nice effects for the cars, road conditions, and animals you encounter outside the tracks.” – Xbox 360 Advanced Media Network

“The cars themselves sound very nice, and sound particularly better when you’re playing the game using the first-person/bonnet view.” – PSXExtreme

“The audio works well with the tracks too; the rumble of cobbles is spot on, as is the muffled patter of driving across virgin snow. Coupled with the throaty grunts from the various cars and it all makes for a thrilling ride.” –
“Audio quality is also terrific, with the roar of the engines and the bumping and grinding of cars..” – Video Game Talk

“The audio side is also of an exceptional standard; cars make all the grunt and growl sounds you’d expect and you can really hear a major difference as your car goes from one surface to the next.” – AceGamez

“I was rewarded with a full, room-filling, head-wrapping cloud of noise that really did give the different surfaces in the game an aural punch. With only the occasional backfire pop and the indecisive navigator (seriously, who says “maybe” when calling out a corner’s severity?) to cut through the sound of sliding tires and humming engines, the game’s sound effects really can carry things all by themselves.” –

Sega Rally Screenshot

Sega Rally was developed by Sega Racing Studio, and published by Sega.