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The Audio Guys have been helping with sounds for Top Darts, a former PSN game marching its way towards the PSVita launch!

“Take your personal dartboard with you wherever you go.”

Top Darts Screenshot

At the end of 2010, we proudly worked on the Playstation Network exclusive game: Top Darts. The Audio Guys were responsible for the surround sound ambience, immersing you into that realistic gaming environment.

This popular darts game tests your skill in a range of different scenes, whether you want to be competing in a traditional Irish pub or in an exotic beachside bar. Using the Playstation Move, the precise movements and intense control captures you and will challenge those arrow-throwing skills to an all new level!

Top Darts Screenshot
Top Darts Screenshot

Top Darts is developed by Devils Details, published by Sony and was released in December, 2010. To find out more or try it out for yourself, check out their website:

We are delighted to be working with our friends at Devil’s Details again – you can check their funky new site out here.

A new Top Darts?
What’s even more exciting about this particular game, is that Top Darts has been officially announced to be released as one of the amazing touch-screen PlaystationVita launch titles! And we’ve been helping with some of the sound effects. We certainly can’t wait for the console’s release on 22nd February 2012 (UK).

Top Darts Screenshot
Top Darts Screenshot

Here’s a snippet about the upcoming PSVita game with an insight about what sets it apart from its predecessor:

“- Step up to the oche, aim your dart and throw using precise touch-screen and rear touch pad controls.
– Select from nine classic darts games, including 501 and Cricket, as well as four brand new darts-themed experiences.
– Challenge up to seven friends to take part in turn-based matches to decide the ultimate arrows player.
– Take pictures of your favourite scenes and people and customise your very own dartboard.”

It will be released with the Playstation Vita on launch day – so get ready to have the whole game in your hands!

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Top Darts
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