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We are extremely pleased to finally be able to announce that we have been working with our friends at Bossa Studios on their recently announced game Twelve a Dozen. We are happy to say that we provided all the sound design for the game. The game is beautiful, fun and educational, being aimed at teaching about mathematics and numbers. Also, you are guided through the game by a great narrative, delivered by comedian, actress and writer Lucy Montgomery.

Twelve a Dozen Screenshot
Twelve a Dozen Screenshot

From Kate Bryant, Producer on Twelve a Dozen: “It was a fantastic project all around. The Audio Guys provided the perfect soundscape for the world of Dozenopolis and tale we were trying to tell.”

The game is available on iOS now, check out some of the official blurb below:

“Twelve a Dozen is a beautiful puzzle-platformer that takes you on a journey through a universe of numbers. Join the heroine, Twelve, as she sets off on an adventure to rescue her family following a cataclysmic event that befalls her home town of Dozenopolis. Follow along, and test your brain in a fun and engaging way, as Twelve and her companion Dot explore the universe and solve mathematics puzzles along the way.

Twelve a Dozen Screenshot
Twelve a Dozen Screenshot

Throughout the game Twelve will pick up “Numbles,” little critters with numbers on them that influence Twelve’s numeric properties as you decide how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them. For example, becoming a number divisible by five allows Twelve to swim, while shifting to a negative number reverses her sense of gravity so she can walk on the ceiling.

Aimed primarily at 10-14 year olds, Twelve a Dozen cleverly introduces mathematics based problems alongside the precision mechanics required to navigate our heroine , Twelve, throughout her adventure. Starting with basic addition and subtraction, players will need to solve ever more complex mathematics problems if they are to complete the game.”

Twelve a Dozen was developed by Bossa Studios in collaboration with Amplify, a US based educational organisation and is available in on iTunes now

Check out the trailer below:

And the website