The Audio Guys are a highly experienced, award-winning audio outsource company, providing a complete audio solution to game developers and publishers. We can integrate into your title, in whatever capacity you need, from full hands on development of audio systems, to just supplying audio assets, and everything in between.


Racing games specialists

in racing games
& engine sounds

Professional recordists


Trusted developers

by Microsoft,
Sony, Nintendo,
Sega & Oculus

150+ Titles

released across
all platforms

40+ years combined experience

of combined


Forza Motorsport 6
Forza Motorsport 6
Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed
Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed
Plunder Pirates
Plunder Pirates
Crazy Taxi City Rush
Crazy Taxi City Rush
With over 40 years combined experience in game audio development, we have well over 150 titles under our belts, covering all gaming formats and platforms. Our previous work has featured on many ‘AAA’ titles over the years, including Micro Machines, Brian Lara Cricket, TOCA Touring Cars, Colin McRae Rally, Operation Flashpoint, LMA Manager, TOCA Race Driver, Dirt, Grid, Sega Rally, Overlord, Sega Superstar Tennis and the Forza Motorsport series of titles. As well as full console titles, we are fully experienced in all mobile formats, and have worked on a wide range of apps, Facebook titles, Xbox Live & PSN games, as well as Steam games.

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We have turned to TAG on several occasions – they are always ready to jump in at the deep end when joining a project nearing completion and deliver content for existing systems in game, or take on entire sections of a feature and make it their own. They are highly professional, always friendly with a host of experience and resources to drive for, and deliver the top quality audio that all games should have.
Michael Maidment, Senior Audio Designer, Frontier Developments
I have only praise for The Audio Guys. They are extremely professional, experienced, flexible and above all, the friendliest bunch of game audio guys you can come across in this industry. I hired them for several projects at Mind Candy and each time their expertise has made the difference. Besides, their rates are surprisingly competitive, especially considering the amount of knowhow and years of experience you buy in to. There’s basically not much to worry about after you get them on board, because whatever you throw at them, they’ll deal with it and deliver results that are above and beyond the call of duty.
Daan Hendriks, Lead Audio Designer, Mind Candy
In my time at SEGA, we have used TAG for many projects – they specialise in in-game audio (as opposed to musical scores) & consistently deliver what we ask for. Where deadlines are tight or we need something turning around or iteration with short notice, TAG can be relied upon to deliver. As well as advanced & complex audio-engines for console racing titles such as SEGA Rally & Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, we used TAG for all the original audio done for Sonic Jump & Sonic Dash, which combined have had more than 25 million downloads. I highly recommend TAG for game audio.
Chris Southall, Chief Technical Officer, SEGA
We’ve worked closely with TAG now for many years, so much so that we actually consider them part of the team! Tim, Dan, Staff and the guys have been instrumental in giving our games voice and life even when we’re at our most demanding. No better example of this can be found than Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed where we needed over 21 IP’s populating in the soundscape along with vehicles that drove, boated and flew through all of it. All suitably commentated upon in five different languages and also wrangled to fit into platforms from 3DS to Vita to X360. They even let me send emails that explained ‘This needs a little more BZZZZT, and I was thinking about how that could be more RAAARRR!!!’ and somehow translated that into sound effects that have delighted players around the world. Which is why they’re still my go to guys whenever we need something special on the audio front. Highly recommended.
Steve Lycett, Executive Producer, Sumo Digital
The Audio Guys have always provided us with a high quality and easy solution for our audio needs over the years. They have provided sounds for a number of games we have worked on, and we have never had any issues working together. They are easy going guys and know their stuff when it comes to audio. They worry about our sounds and work hard to make sure everything just drops into the game, which is great when you’re working to tight deadlines. We trust them to deliver on time and on budget and would happily recommend them.
Steve Oldacre, On The Metal



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