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The Audio Guys are Tim Bartlett and Dan Gardner, with 40 years combined industry experience in game audio.
(Note: currently Tim is not available for work at The Audio Guys as he is currently working exclusively with Frontier Developments)
We have worked together for over 20 years, and have extensive knowledge of the games industry. We can boast many long term relationships with a host of audio partners, such as middleware providers, equipment suppliers, technology companies, voice agencies, studios, etc.
We are both keen gamers, and have been since our childhoods. We have knowledge and appreciation of all manner of genres, including, but not limited to, the odd fragging session over a LAN.
One phrase that would sum up The Audio Guys attitude to audio is…attention to detail. Audio is something we are hugely passionate about, and have been for many years.
Check our individual stories below:

Tim Bartlett

Tim started off in ‘sound’ as a long haired guitarist in a heavy metal band This quickly progressed on to giving guitar lessons in a music shop, and local schools. In 1993, Tim was offered an audio position at Codemasters Software, creating sound effects and music. In 1997, Tim became Audio Manager at Codemasters Software, and over the years went on to build a small team of dedicated audio designers. Duties during this time covered managerial tasks such as budgets, schedules, recruitment and outsourcing, as well as mentoring audio designers, and taking on audio projects at the same time. In 2006, after a successful 12 ½ year stint, Tim decided that it was time to move on, and formed The Audio Guys, alongside Dan Gardner, the most senior audio designer at Codemasters.

Dan Gardner

Dan started his avid interest in sound in 1986 with the discovery of a 4-track tape machine. This quickly moved into music experiments with an Atari ST. In 1998, Dan was employed at Salford University to rewire their Anechoic Test chamber, design/build a PC/Mac network and rewire a MIDI music room. During this time Dan also had a foray into production, helping some local artists in Manchester, to improve their “sound” and produce demo CDs. In 1999, graduating with a 1st class honours degree, Dan was employed by Codemasters as a Sound Designer. This started out as simple sound design on Playstation1 titles and quickly progressed to the company’s lead audio designer, leading several triple A titles. In 2006, after 6 ½ years at Codemasters, Dan decided that it was time to move on, and formed The Audio Guys, alongside Tim Bartlett, who was the audio manager at Codemasters.