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During 2023 had the honour of working on Sonic’s new game ‘Sonic Dream Team’, in collaboration with Sega Hardlight studios.

We were tasked with helping to develop new sound design/audio for Sonic, the Dream Team characters and the new worlds, as they make their way through this unique adventure. The game is a fresh take on Sonic, being more of an open-world exploration experience, whilst still retaining the normal fast paced, Sonic crazy speed!

The team at Hardlight have done an excellent job creating a cool new world to explore called the Reverie Haven, and as expected, this world has been corrupted by Doctor Eggman! :) The main mission of the game is to collect Dream Orbs spread across multiple different levels/worlds. The player gets to play as one of the six Dream Team characters – Sonic, Amy Rose, Tails, Cream the Rabbit, Knuckles the Echidna and Rouge the Bat – combining their different skill sets to complete the various missions.

The game was also a really cool project audio-wise as it involved plenty of sound design for all the Dream Team characters, boss/enemy characters, ambiences and world object sounds for the various worlds/levels and some great cut-scenes too. There were also plenty of requirements for new gameplay sounds and UI audio design too. Safe to say that we thoroughly enjoyed working on this project.

Additionally, we worked closely with our good friend and colleague Michiel van den Bos on the project, as he developed all new music tracks/stings/etc for the game.

The game is a single player game and was released exclusively for Apple Arcade – iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS. Check out a trailer for the game below: