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During 2021 we were approached by Frontier Developments to discuss helping them out on their new Formula 1 game, F1 Manager 2022. We were obviously very excited to be involved with such a high profile title and jumped at the chance.

The title is an amazingly realistic F1 management game with all the official licensed teams, cars and drivers. You take on the role of Team Principal, overseeing the team and drivers and making all the important decisions to try and win the Championship.

The game is focussed on ‘authenticity’ and takes it style from the TV presentation of the Formula 1 races, with the genuine commentators and pundits, as well as using recordings of the real team radio messages from the actual F1 races!

Tim took lead on the project and became involved in recording and acquiring the necessary source audio from TV/cable companies, as well as developing the audio systems within Wwise and also using other custom, in-house tech solutions where needed.

The project went so well that towards the end Frontier Developments asked Tim if he would like to leave The Audio Guys and work full time for them, so he was offered a job as Audio Lead on the next title, F1 Manager 2023, and to lead the project’s audio going forward. Tim decided to take them up on this and has now left The Audio Guys and works full time at Frontier continuing to develop the F1 Manager series.