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Wow! Time flies when you are having fun!
We can’t quite believe that it’s been over five years since we gave up our posts at the good ship Codies, and sailed off into the unknown. It has been quite a journey so far!
We were very lucky to be able to start our journey with two great projects in Sega Rally and Overlord, which we threw ourselves into with gusto. We were pretty much a two man show back then, and were very happy with our new direction, everything was new and exciting and we were for the first time, completely in control of our destiny.
As those projects drew to a close, and especially considering the very unfortunate demise of the Sega Racing Studio, we realised that we really needed to find new customers, colleagues and projects, if we expected TAG to be a long term prospect.
We always wanted TAG to be similar to what we had at Codemasters…a close nit audio team, just like we were in-house, but now an audio team ‘for hire’…able to work with anyone.
And here we are, 34 games later!
TAG are far from a two man show these days. Staff (Stafford Bawler) joined us in 2008, and is a key part of the team. We have also worked with a number of great freelance people over the years, and long may this continue.
We have built up a huge SFX library over the years, which serves as great source material at times. However, we are also keen and avid recordists….recording our own sounds where we can, and of course the cars, bikes and trucks we are perhaps better known for. We have now built up a great arsenal of top quality mobile recording gear, which covers pretty much every recording situation you can think of! We are keen to record more and more, and we will have news about this later in the year :-)
We’re fully kitted out with the various development gear required such as test kits and devkits, so we can develop as we would in-house.
And of course, none of this would be possible without our excellent partners…the developers and publishers who have asked us to join their team, sometimes for a short time on a small project, some who we have been working for for years now. From the UK, Europe, America and elsewhere, thanks to them all, and long may it continue!
Tim & Dan.
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