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We've beavering away on another of NaturalMotion’s iPhone games lately – a remake of the classic block game Jenga. This time both developed and published by NaturalMotion.

Jenga Logo

The game has been developed in close collaboration with Leslie Scott, the original inventor of Jenga!

Here’s a short excerpt about the game:

“NaturalMotion Games presents a perfect physical simulation of the much-loved game, played the world over. Single or multiplayer fun takes place in beautifully rendered environments and the real-time 3D physics simulation authentically recreates the behaviour of real Jenga blocks. Jenga for iPhone is the ultimate social game where you can play with your friends down the bar, or compare scores from around the world.”

We’ve been working closely with NaturalMotion over the last few months, designing all the sounds  for the game and helping to make it sound suitably beautiful.

Jenga Screenshot
Jenga Screenshot

Jenga will be released onto the AppStore soon…..

For more info on Jenga, please visit: