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You may need to prepare yourself, as another amazing story of legendary game audio development emerges from the secret archives of The Audio Guys. As you may have noticed by now, we work on quite a few projects with NaturalMotion Games, as they are a very clever bunch, and over the last couple of months we’ve been working away on a game called “NFL Rivals”.

NFL Rivals

NFL Rivals has been developed and published by NaturalMotion Games Ltd and is available on iOS and Android platforms.

So, here’s some excerpts about the game, taken from the NaturalMotion Games website:

“NFL Rivals is an intense arcade football experience like no other. Choose your NFL team and support them throughout the 2011 season. Every time you play, your score gets uploaded to your team’s global ranking. Can you drive them to the top.
NFL Rivals is football for everyone. Charge down the field to score touchdowns for your team, juking, trucking, jumping and spinning past ever-tougher rival opponents. Or, on Defense, chase down that running back and tackle him in style.
Authentic NFL Teams – Featuring all 32 NFL teams, NFL Rivals is a fan’s dream. Unite with fellow fans to help your favorite team dominate its rivalries and rise to the top of NFL Rivals.”
NFL Rivals Screenshot
NFL Rivals Screenshot

The Audio Guys have been designing, creating, developing the sound design on the game and helping to get the game sounding proper good and chunky! You can check out a video of gameplay here:

NFL Rivals Screenshot
And for more info on NFL Rivals, please visit:
NFL Rivals is available in the App Store / Android marketplace right now.