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Just a bit of quick news, we’ve been secretly working away on the audio for a great new fraggin mad mulitplayer game called Plain Sight, developed by our friends at Beatnik Games. The game is released now and is available through Steam and other digital delivery clients, at a very reasonable cost indeed!
The Audio Guys provided all the audio in the game, except the music. The game is a pretty original design, has various different mulitplayer modes, and is definitely rather wacky indeed!…….we all had great fun working on the game as we had lots of creative license and it’s been receiving some great reviews.
Plain Sight Screenshot
Plain Sight Screenshot

Plain Sight is a multiplayer arcade game about suicidal ninja robots.

Fly through space, leap over planetoids and destroy opponents with your trusty katana.

Killing fellow robots lets you steal their tasty, tasty energy. Packed with spinach-like goodness; energy makes you bigger, stronger, faster and generally more awesome.

Being all big and badass is great, but in this game it doesn’t win you the match. It makes you a target.

To win, you have to convert your energy into points…

How do you do this? Simple. Kill yourself.

Press the button and turn your happy little robot into a vicious ball of enemy-absorbing plasma.

The more opponents you take out, the better.

Upgrade your robot, respawn and get stuck in again…

Plain Sight Screenshot
Plain Sight Screenshot

Get yourself over to Beatniks website to find out much more: