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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is on the shelves and doing well. Here’s recent feedback we’ve found for our contribution to the game.

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We’ve been collecting reviews for SEGA All-Stars Racing and have put together an article with all the lovely things reviewers have been saying about the audio:

“The same care and attention went into the audio of the game as well, with not only memorable music to even the casual Sega fan, but with the menu sounds as well.”  – TheSGStore

“I think sound in any game is important. In racing games it is even more so. The karts all had different sounds and power-ups had a very distinct sound. All the music is happy and cute. There is an in race announcer that does just enough without being annoying. It all blends together for an immersive experience that’s not just a continuous humming noise.”  – ConsoleRacingReview

“The audio is superb and the classic music works a treat.”  – TheSixthAxis

“The soundtrack is a great mix of new and remixed tracks that injects life into every race. The character voices are clean and clear, and the sound effects are loud and plentiful, just as once would expect.”  – GamerNode

“The sound effects are also quite good, as there are a variety of vehicle sounds associated with the array of racing karts, ranging from Sonic’s standard race car growl to the futuristic whir of Ulala’s space pod.” “Sound Score: 8.8″ - PsxExtreme

“Sound effects in All-Stars are also decent. The engine revving at the start of each race really adds to the feel of a racing game.” “Sound: 9/10″  – Explicitgamer

“…all the proper sound effects are more than adequate.”  – BingeGamer

“The music and sound effects are great all around.”  – Xbox.About

“Sound effects are as good as expected, but there are a few nice details present, such as the differences between racing on dirt to wooden bridges to sewer water.”  – WorthPlaying

“The sound effects of vehicles and weapons, as well as the voices of the characters are pretty good and stuck.”  – TechArena

“The sound effects compliment the action nicely, while you’re treated to classic themes that you might recognize from previous games.”  – PS3 Bundle

“Sublime Audio. Sound 4/5″  – N-Europe

“Sound Rating: 8.0″  – VideoGamer & GamerLimit

“Sound Rating: 9.0 The sound is stellar, with all sorts of nostalgic Sega songs, voice acting for every character…”  – NintendoWorldReport

“The first thing about the game’s audio that will jump out at first, is the rather loud and excitable commentator… if you’d rather do without then you can switch him off in the options and enjoy Sonic & Sega Racing’s other fine audio effects.” “Sound Rating: 7.5″  – MsXboxWorld

“The sound effects are overall pretty decent with good samples within menus, general racing as well as weaponry, if not leaning toward the ‘generic arcade’ categorys.”  – Wii MMGN

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing was developed by Sumo Digital and published by SEGA. To find out more about this game, visit the website: