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The Audio Guys are delighted to announce that we recently finished work on the brand new Sega Rally arcade machine!

Sega Rally 3 Logo

The original Sega Rally was a huge hit in arcades, and can still be found now.

The new Sega Rally 3 is an impressive beast…boasting a huge 62” screen, a hydraulic moving seat, nextgen graphics running at a constant 60fps, and 4.1 surround audio, with a nice subwoofer under your bum.  ;o)
The game is based upon the console version of Sega Rally, and was developed by the Sega Racing Studio…which very sadly closed its doors recently. However, this is a great  swansong for the studio, which should leave it’s mark in arcades for years to come. The game features all new tracks and a different car lineup.

As you can see from the photos, it can also be set up as multiplayer, which should be a blast.

We were lucky enough to get to test the game during production, and it is an exhilarating experience…definitely worth checking out!

Sega Rally Arcade
Sega Rally Arcade
Sega Rally Arcade
Sega Rally Arcade Cabinet