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The Audio Guys first big project Overlord, is now in the shops, and appearing in game charts around the world.


Overlord is a fantasy game with a wicked sense of humour…you can find out more about the game here…

The Audio Guys were responsible for all the audio in the game, including the casting, direction and processing of most dialogue. We are very happy to report that the game has generally been received very well.

Here are a few kind comments from the gaming press…

“Your minions are highly entertaining too, with some amusing dialogue, excellent voices (we detected a hint of Cartman more than once) and a liberal dose of humor” – Games Radar

“Voice work for your adorable underlings is also done excellently in style” - GameAxis

“Fantastic voice acting, good music” – Eurogamer

“The sound is also very good. Solid music and sound effects pair up with good voice acting to really immerse you into the world” – Xbox Games

“The audio experience in Overlord is excellent. / The real auditory treat, however, comes from both the superb voice acting and the excellent use of sound effects. Fire burning, crates and barrels breaking, vases shattering, sheep braying in fear… it seems like no detail was missed. The gleeful squeals of your minions as you send them out to ravage the countryside are especially delightful.” –

“it’s a fine looking game with superb audio work to boot. / Voice work is almost all excellent, with plenty of humour and solid scripting, with the minions stealing the show with their numerous funny items and continuous quips.” – Pro G

“The sound is very well done. The minions grovel (except for the one that sounds like the Pillsbury doughboy being poked in the stomach), the environments are alive and the music is solid.” – Gamezone PC

“The sound is of a high standard and whilst a lot of the voices overs are gremlin like grating voices you can tell the guys had fun recording the speech for the game. (yes – we did) From minion chatter to clashing sound effects the sound works well in the game and will no doubt bring a few smiles along the way.” – MSXBox World

“Great sound design, score, and V/O (especially the minions) with a lot of cheese (intentional?)” – GameMode

“I’ve appreciated the subtle sense of humor and the excellent voice acting. Even if we play a silent hero, the minions and all other characters are more than enough to produce a few laughs. The most interesting choice would be the walkie-talkie Elves as they are the funniest characters I have ever heard in a game.” – Softpedia

“Voice acting that doesn’t suck? Believe it. A soundtrack that doesn’t annoy? Indeed. Audio 10/10” – Game Almighty

Overlord was developed by Triumph Studios, and published by Codemasters