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In February 2018, we were contacted by Gameloft as they needed some additional vehicle engine sounds for their upcoming racing game Asphalt Street Storm Racing!

”Make your engine heard across the world’s most glamorous cities in all-out drag races! Collect and race cars you've owned or always dreamed of. All licenced! High-stakes betting for intense ¼-mile racing action. Unique 4-player real-time PvP drag races.

Race to win in the rain, hail, and blazing heat. Shred across the world's coolest cities, like New York, Paris and Hong Kong.”


The game has been out for a while now and has received glowing press – check it out! The game is now available on iOS, Android and PC. TAG provided a wide selection of different vehicle engine sets, all ready to go straight into the game! 

Below is a video of the game on Windows 10 :

The game was originally (soft) launched back in December 2016 and since then has been receiving regular, considerable updates.

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