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Well who would have thought it……. The Audio Guys are now officially 10 years old!!!
10 years since we decided to hoist the sails and navigate off into the distance on our own
10 years since we developed cutting edge engine and surface systems with SEGA Racing Studio
10 years since we recorded Gnarl – The Minion Master and his hoardes of Minions in the studio
And 10 years since we were…..ummm……10 years younger!
10 years in business
So, here we are, now in our 10th year of operating as The Audio Guys and we can’t quite believe it really. From the start, we always wanted The Audio Guys to be similar to what we had at Codemasters – a highly skilled, close nit in-house audio team – but now an audio team ‘for hire’, and able to work with anyone anywhere in the world.
And here we are still going strong, 95 games later!!
Over the years we have continued to amass a huge collection of bespoke and library sound effects, as well as also recording many specific natural environments and spot sounds ourselves. And not forgetting the whole host of new race vehicles, race prepared sports cars, road cars and race motorbikes we have recorded in the last 10 years.
On a quiet day, we often wonder just how many people have listened to our sounds over the years, with some of our games having been downloaded by millions of people, such as Sonic Jump/Dash (100 million downloads) and My Horse (40 million downloads). These totals are taken from a year ago now too, so this may well have increased even further! It is truly humbling to think of how many millions of people have heard our sounds J
So, we would just like to take this opportunity to send out a BIG thanks to all our customers and to our long standing publisher/industry relationships, for all their continued support over the years.
And long may the audio force be with us!
Tim & Dan.
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