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Yes, it has now been nine whole years since we jumped off the good ship Codemasters way back in 2006. My…has the industry changed since that time!

Our first projects were Sega Rally Revo for SEGA Racing Studio, and Overlord for Triumph Studios. The SEGA Racing Studio disappeared as soon as the game was done, and Codemasters (who published Overlord) only do racing games now!

Many of the companies we worked with in the beginning no longer exist – although as we know the industry keeps on churning, with the same friends and colleagues popping up all over the place!

So…as we embark on our journey toward our ten year mark, we wonder where we are all headed…is mobile going to continue to dominate…will we see more AAA titles appear on XBoxOne/PS4 in 2015…will VR take off this year…will Half Life 3 ever be released…

One thing is certain…the videogaming juggernaut will continue to move forwards…and we will all be carried along with it…exactly where…nobody knows!

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