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Ducati Out Now
During 2016 we had the pleasure of collaborating with a great racing studio called Milestone, who are based in Italy. We initially contacted them as they had already worked on many racing titles over the years and we wanted to offer our racing services. They immediately asked us if we could help out on a very special game they were developing, ‘Ducati - 90th Anniversary: The Official Videgame’, a spin-off of the original Ride game, being planned by a collaboration between Milestone and Ducati to celebrate Ducati’s 90th year of motorbike production.
We were initially asked if we could help them out with the recording of a very specific list of Ducati high performance/race motorbikes for the game. We used our existing contacts and also gathered some new ones, to try and get hold of the required bikes.
We did manage to record all the Ducati bikes that were required for the game, and we are very happy to report that all the bikes sound accurate and as they should be 
The game was released on 9th June 2016 and is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
Ducati 90th Anniversary Screenshot