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During 2018 we started working with Sheffield Hallam University on an interesting VR project called ‘The Chantry’, the project looks cool and we are very happy to get back into a VR project again!

The project is a historical VR game based on Dr Edward Jenner, who was an English physician who pioneered work on the smallpox vaccine. Dr Jenner spent much of his adult life living at ‘The Chantry’ and the game focusses on re-creating the layout and content of the house at the time of his death in 1823 and in VR it really provides a great level of immersion and education.

It was a great project to be involved with and we worked alongside the team to provide all the voice over casting, recording, editing and processing services they required.

The game was developed and published by Steel Minions (Sheffield Hallam University) and was released on Sept 13th 2018 for Sony PSVR, and it is receiving good reviews, such as this one:

Also, you can find more information about Dr Jenner’s house here:

And there is a short trailer for the game below

The project is part of the European research project ‘REVEAL’