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We are delighted to announce that we have been helping out Optimum Games / Z-Play with the audio design for their new game Globe!

“An Alien invasion has been detected and the space station patrolling Earth has been attacked and all the astronauts have been dislodged into space, it is up to you to save all the astronauts and eliminate all threats before Earth is attacked."

"Destroy Aliens and asteroids, earn SpaceDust and equip over 40 Mods from the Mod Workshop featuring a system all RPG fans love, the mods have been categorized into common, rare, very rare, epic and legendary. Level up your ship for permanent upgrades and complete 25 levels of pure arcade madness.”

It’s a cool game and is available now on iOS and Android.

We helped out the studio with sound design, music and voice over for the game! 

The music was created by our long-time friend and colleague Michiel Van Den Bos.

Check out the Trailer! :