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Anyone remember ‘Mercury’ and ‘Mercury Meltdown’ for the PSP?

Here at The Audio Guys, we’ve been doing a lot of work for exciting puzzle games lately, and we’re delighted to announce our involvement on a very unique one…‘Mercury Hg’!

Mercury Hg

Mercury Hg is the sequel to Mercury Meltdown, and is a fun and smart puzzle game, where you navigate a blob of mercury through some fantastically designed levels. You don’t control the blob…you control the terrain it rolls on, and with some clever tilts and turns, you need to complete various (but not too super-frustrating!) goals given to you.

Mercury Hg Screenshot
Mercury Hg Screenshot

The game is full of entertaining science, given to you in fun simplicity, and we’re proud to say that we created all of the sound effects for the game!

Mercury Hg was released at the end of September 2011, and is a relatively cheap Xbox Live and PSN game…why not give it a try?

Mercury Hg was developed by Eiconic and published by Ignition Entertainment.