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In 2019 we helped out Sheffield Hallam University again, on another interesting VR project, this time called ‘A Night in the Forum’. The game is another educational narrative game that transports you back in time, this time to the time of the Roman Empire, inside the Imperial Forum Museum in Rome.

Always great to work with Sheffield Uni and also to be working on a VR project!

"A Night in The Forum is an Educational Environmental Narrative Game that uses PlayStation®VR to take you back in time to The Roman Forum during Augustan rule. This collaborative effort is part of a European research project RevealVR.

We’ve reconstructed The Forum based on the ruins at the actual site and several items preserved at the Imperial Forum Museum in Rome while working hand-in-hand with authorities on the subject for authenticity and accuracy."

"You’ll step into the shoes of a guard inside The Roman Forum, to carry out tasks assigned to you by a mysterious voice. As you progress, you’ll learn stories of Augustus and his life and political achievements as well as those about Roman citizens during a time, abounding equally in prosperity and disparity. You’ll get to savour some of the overwhelming complexity that characterised the empire during those times. You’ll immerse yourself in a time of pivotal change in European history, one that bore influence in the West and beyond up till this very day."

The game was developed by Steel Minions (Sheffield Hallam University) and was released in May 2019 for Sony PSVR:


We helped out with casting, arranging, recording, editing and processing all the voice over in the game.

Find out more about the actual location in the game here:

And there is a short trailer for the game below:


The project is part of the European research project ‘REVEALVR’.