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Ride 2 bike

During late 2016, after successfully helping out on Ducati 90th Anniversary game, we were contacted by Milestone to see if we could help them out again on a different game, this time the game in question was a much anticipated sequel to their successful ‘Ride’ series of racers, Ride 2.

We were again tasked with helping out with the recording of various motorbikes. This time there was a very large list of specific high performance/race motorbikes, ranging across all different makes and models. So we used our existing contacts to try and get hold of the required bikes but this proved to not be enough, within the time frame, so we decided to try and expand out contacts by attending a few big Bike meetups in the local area. Below is a photo from one of these events, "Weston Bike Night".

Weston Bike night

We paid for a pitch and set up a basic stand, with details of the bikes we were looking for and what’s involved … try and attract any potential bike owners over, so we could chat to them and see if they were interested in getting their bike recorded, and free dyno session, and of course to try to expand our network of contacts.

We attended a few bike meets during the summer, and we had great success, bikers are such a friendly and helpful bunch of people. We ended up getting pretty much every motorbike that was required for the game, or on one or 2 of the rarer bikes, we had to get replacements by finding a very similar sounding bike with the same make / model / size / engine config / exhaust setup.

Ride 2 Screenshot

The game was released on 7th October 2016 and is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PSN, XboxLive, Steam.